The Graduate Career Guidebook

2nd Edition

by Steve Rook

Chapter 12: Searching for Graduate Jobs

Extra case studies

Having liked the idea of working as reporter for many years I did a media related degree. Once I graduated I sent an application off to The BBC and was unfortunately rejected – after that I just didn’t know what to do and started applying for other graduate jobs in a mad range of fields. Needless to say I got nowhere!

After a while though I gave up altogether until a friend dragged me along to a media career fair. At the fair I didn’t really have the guts to speak to anyone but it was clear that there were so many options I hadn’t even considered.

I’ve decided to get more work experience and have signed up for a Masters course starting in October. I currently volunteer at my local hospital radio station and have set up a video blog.

Hopefully I’ll get into my chosen role – but certainly it’s much more exciting giving it a fair go.
- Media graduate trying to get a job in the media
I applied for all the jobs in the field during my third year at university but was rejected for every single one. I put this down to the poor state of the economy but later realised that it was also because my applications were poor and I had no experience.

Now I’m working for my cousin in a support role at a relevant firm (it was him who put me onto the career in the first place). The guys here are great and have promised to train me once they start getting more orders.
- Graduate trying to become a quantity surveyor

Further resources

Links to professional organisations in a range of sectors can be found in the resources for Chapter 5.