The Graduate Career Guidebook

2nd Edition

by Steve Rook

Chapter 13: Promoting yourself effectively

The two-ticks system for disabled job applicants

This a system which organisations join to demonstrate their commitment to equality of opportunity for disabled people in their recruitment processes.

If an advert displays the characteristic two tick symbol you will be guaranteed an interview if you meet the basic conditions of the job.

Analysing job applications

You can never get enough experience in assessing what individual employers require so you can target your applications. Have a go in the exercise below by identifying the experience, skills, commitment and knowledge required in the following advert. The answers are provided below.







Advert 1


Experience: The text doesn’t define what experience is required so it’s up to you to relate anything you’ve done to the role (i.e. try to demonstrate the relevance of all past experiences).

Skills: Leading groups of children in outdoor settings; ensuring safety of 6-12 year olds; engaging children in forest experiences (whatever they are!); planning detailed risk assessments.

Commitment: Enjoy motivating children in outdoor settings.

Knowledge: What children forest experiences are; child safety; risk assessments.

Proving your skills

How to prove some commonly requested skills:

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