The Graduate Career Guidebook

2nd Edition

by Steve Rook

Chapter 17: Impressing at interviews

Example answers

The Graduate Career Guidebook demonstrates how to answer a wide range of questions on your skills, commitment, knowledge and experience. Some extra examples are shown below.

Question: How do you organise your day?

Answer: Outline how you analyse the issues you have to deal with; plan ahead, implement your strategy; assess your progress and evaluate your success plus provide a specific example of when you have done this in practice.

Question: Are you good at teaching literacy?

Answer: Outline how you teach literacy well in relation to the national curriculum and provide one specific example. Don’t go on and on about what you do with hundreds of examples but focus on how you do it well. For example, you could outline your different strategies and how you ensure progress.

Further resources
  • University of Kent Careers and Employability Service: - look for the advice on interview questions in different sectors and the example answers.
  • The Graduate Recruitment Bureau: - well-researched questions from a range of sectors by The Graduate Recruitment Bureau.
  • WIKIJOB: Search for genuine interview questions
  • YouTube: - Search for "interviews for… (the career you want to enter)”. Some funny interviews can be also seen on YouTube, for example, have a look at ‘Bad things to say in a job interview’ by the Mock the Week team.