The Graduate Career Guidebook

2nd Edition

by Steve Rook

Chapter 19: Succeeding at assessment centres

The Graduate Career Guidebook outlines how to succeed in the whole range of exercises typically hosted during assessment centres; here we provide some further example presentation and in-tray exercises as well as some useful up-to-date links.

Download Activity – how do you succeed in teams?

Example presentations
Assessment centres often include presentations on all sorts of issues either related to the job or your skills and interests. You can find out how to prepare and deliver these presentations in our guide, but some examples are shown below:

Typical topics include:

  • Relating your skills to the role you’re seeking
  • Outlining what you’ve learned at university
Download this document for helpful guidance on how to approach each of these topics.

In-tray exercises
You can find example in-tray exercises at the following websites:

Further resources