An Introduction to Stock Exchange Investment

Third edition

by Janette Rutterford with Marcus Davison

About the book

The new edition of Janette Rutterford's classic textbook has been updated to take account of all practical, technical and legal developments since the last edition was published. Now enhanced by a range of student-friendly features, the focus remains on the London Stock Exchange, but a global perspective is adopted where appropriate.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Investment basics

  1. Products, markets and players
  2. Investment return and risk

Part II Bonds and fixed income

  1. Bonds and government securities
  2. Bond strategies

Part III Equities

  1. Equities: analysis and valuation
  2. Portfolio theory
  3. The capital asset pricing model

Part IV Risk management products

  1. Financial futures
  2. Options

Part V Institutional and international investment

  1. Investing institutions
  2. International investment

Part VI Strategies and issues

  1. Investment objectives, strategies and performance
  2. Current issues in investment theory and practice

About the authors

JANETTE RUTTERFORD is Professor of Financial Management, Open University Business School.

MARCUS DAVISON is Associate Lecturer in Finance, Open University Business School.