Governance and Politics of China

Third edition

by Tony Saich


Reviews of the previous editions:

[An] excellent introductory text...insightful, readable, and well-crafted. In style and in substance this is a landmark book that ought to be considered by every teacher looking for an informative and lively way to introduce...Chinese politics. -Roy F. Grow, Journal of Asian Studies
Tony Saich has given us a very useful and accessible textbook...[which] compares favourably with the available alternatives... but he has also given us quite a bit more. One comes away impressed by the detail and sophistication of the work. -Stanley Rosen, China Journal
Delving deep beneath the institutional façade of China's formal political structures and processes, Tony Saich describes how China is actually governed on the ground. Combining scholarly analysis with personal insights he has produced a lively, readable study of China's profound - and profoundly painful - transition from Mao to Market. Its title alone suggests that this is a textbook of a different stripe. -Richard Baum, University of California, USA