Medical Law

Second edition

by Jo Samanta and Ash Samanta

Useful websites

The following websites are of general relevance to further the study and research of medical law and ethics and are relevant to all chapters:
The British and Irish Legal Information Institute provides free access to British and Irish Public Legal Information including case law and legislation, European case law, Law Commission reports.
This is the website of the Department of Health and includes a host of relevant policy information for medical law.
The British Medical Association is the doctors’ independent trade union to safeguard the collective interests of doctors. It includes newsworthy items and topics of current relevance for the medical profession. It invariably includes critical commentary on NHS reforms.
This website publishes original and revised versions of UK legislation
This website provides access to the latest drafts of bills that are currently going through Parliament.
This website lists full text versions of House of Lords judgments delivered from 14 November 1996 to 30 July 2009.
The Supreme Court website includes full text versions of all decided cases, as well as details of those currently being heard.
The British Medical Journal Online provides some free online content. Particularly useful for updates on health care reform and newsworthy clinical issues.
The Royal College of Nursing website carries a wealth of information that is particularly useful for nurses and those with an interest in nursing issues.
The Audit Commission, as an arm’s length body of the Government, carries out audits of public bodies including those that provide and are responsible for health care. The site contains useful statistics.
The Law Commission is charged with keeping the law under review and recommending reform where it is needed. A range of reports and consultation documents are available to download.
The website for the World Health Organisation provides a range of useful resources on issues of international relevance.