Second European Edition

by Daniel Schacter, Daniel Gilbert, Daniel Wegner and Bruce Hood

Psychology: Second European Edition contains:

  • brand new material on executive functions, epigenetics, childhood reminiscing, self-esteem and inflated praise, and gender bias in motor development
  • expanded coverage of social psychology in two dedicated chapters on Social Relationships and Social Groups
  • enhanced discussion of psychological disorders, offering more social perspectives of mental health and introducing DSM-5
  • increased integration of research methods, with new ‘Stats Fact’ boxes addressing often contested issues in statistics

Its acclaimed pedagogical features have been revised and expanded to include:

  • the popular ‘Hot Science’ boxes discussing cutting-edge research and neuroscience, and ‘The Real World’ vignettes demonstrating psychology’s close connections to everyday life
  • new thought-provoking ‘Psychomythology’ boxes, confronting commonly-held misconceptions about psychology with scientific evidence, and ‘Psychology and Me’ videos featuring a fascinating and diverse range of international psychologists
A suite of online ancillaries are hosted at this site, including a comprehensive testbank, teaching manual and slides for lecturers, ‘Psychology and me’ videos, PsychSim 5 activity, and multiple-choice questions for students.