The B Method

An Introduction

by Steve Schneider

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Note from the author

The material provided on this website provides backup for lecturers for the Cornerstones textbook on the B-method. In my experience, the most effective way to teach the B-Method is by introducing the tool support as early as possible.

A sample course, consisting of lecture slides, lab sessions, and example assignments, has been included in the instructors materials. This course ran over 11 weeks, with two lectures and one lab session per week. There were also three assignments during the course, all of which were to be carried out on the B-Toolkit.

Sample solutions to all of the exercises in the book are also provided. These are not accessible to students, as I assumed that lecturers would prefer students not to have these. Many questions can also have alternative answers, so the solutions are not intended to be definitive. They are rather intended to provide examples of the kind of answers that might be expected.

Material is also provided for student access. Students can obtain a fixed-term licence for the linux B-Toolkit from B-Core, for their own private use, and a link is provided to enable them to do this. Also, the source code for all of the examples and exercises appearing in the book is accessible to them. Links to other relevant sites are also provided.

Steve Schneider

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