Skills for Business and Management

by Martin Sedgley

Semester project management

Chapter 3 in the book shows an example of a semester plan for allocating appropriate study time to all of that term’s assessments (Box 1). The template below provides a blank format for you to create your own version of that schedule as suggested in Activity 3 of the book chapter.


1. Adjust the week numbers according to your term timetable.
2. Enter each subject assessment, e.g. Info Systems report, in the left-hand column.
3. Mark the deadline with an X in the appropriate week.
4. Note the type of assignment, e.g. individual essay, and proportion of module marks, e.g. 50%, in the right-hand column.
5. Based on steps 3 and 4, allocate a proportionate amount of time leading up to the deadline with sequential tasks, e.g. research, drafting, editing.

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