History of Africa

Third edition

by Kevin Shillington

Endorsements and praise for the third edition

The readability of the book, the valuable maps and illustrations, and the coverage of the precolonial period as well as more modern eras, make this textbook the best on the market. -David Chappell, University of Hawaii, USA
History of Africa provides extraordinary coverage of the basic history of the entire continent of Africa in a way that is accessible for new students. -Timothy Cleaveland, University of Georgia, USA
This new edition maintains Shillington’s position as an expert who is adept at providing readers with an engaging and intricate portrait of Africa’s past …. A master of the material, Shillington presents a volume that flows and informs. History of Africa is a compelling narrative of change over time on the continent …. There is an effective incorporation of new evidence in this edition that enhances our understanding of African history. -Elizabeth MacGonagle, University of Kansas, USA
Shillington’s work is an excellent introduction for students who are new to African history. -Miles Larmer, University of Sheffield, UK
Praise for previous editions
Shillington’s coverage is comprehensive, his presentation clear, and his content well up to date with the latest research … -J. B. Peires, University of Transkei (now Walter Sisulu University), South Africa
… a work with many virtues … stylistic lucidity, profusion of clear maps and excellent illustrations. - International Journal of African Historical Studies