Engineering Mathematics Through Applications

Second edition

by Kuldeep Singh

Additional material

The material below can be used for self-access by students or can be printed off and photocopied by lecturers for their students.

Chapter 1

Exercise 1(h) question 8

Chapter 2

Section G Applications of equations to electrical circuits
  • G1 Modelling electrical circuits
  • Exercise 2(g)

Chapter 3

F2 Step Function
  • Exercise 3(f) (extra)
  • Miscellaneous exercise 3 (extra)

Chapter 4

Exercise 4(a)

Chapter 5

Section F Hyperbolic properties
  • F1 Other hyperbolic functions
  • F2 Hyperbolic identities
  • F3 Inverse hyperbolic functions
  • Exercise 5 (e) question 15
  • Exercise 5 (f)
  • Miscellaneous exercise 5 (extra)

Chapter 11

B5 Applications in control engineering
  • Section H1 and miscellaneous questions