Social Psychology

by Robbie Sutton and Karen Douglas

What people are saying about Social Psychology

From the outset this book unites contemporary social issues with the scientific practice of social psychology, presenting the foundations of the discipline in a clear, engaging and relevant way. I think this text would make a fantastic first encounter with the discipline. -Julian A. Oldmeadow, University of York, UK.
A highly accessible, inspiring, and up-to-date overview of the field and Sutton and Douglas manage to describe the most interesting research findings that social psychology has to offer, along with recognizable real-life implications and all the challenges of doing research. I recommend any lecturer to use this as their core text, as it will stimulate students to learn more about our exciting discipline. -Jan-Willem van Prooijen, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
A bracingly original social psychology text. Unlike many examples of the genre, it speaks with a truly international voice and takes an appreciative and inclusive stance towards the diversity of approaches within its field. Most important of all, the book is fun and engaging to read. -Nicholas O. Haslam, University of Melbourne, Australia.
As social psychology expands its scope, methodologies, and applications, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distil the fundamentals in a textbook, while also keeping an eye on current perspectives and directions. Sutton and Douglas achieve this and even more. -Konstantinos Kafetsios, University of Crete, Greece.