Social Psychology

by Robbie Sutton and Karen Douglas

What's so special about Social Psychology?

This is a fresh and innovative new social psychology textbook packed full of vibrant examples from everyday life.

It is comprehensive in its coverage, including a whole range of different perspectives on core topics, and discussing some newer ideas and those more on the fringe of social psychology.

It makes use of distinctive pedagogical features to get students thinking, such as:

  • Blind spots which ask how they would go about exploring a research question which has not yet been addressed
  • Try it yourself activities in which they can use psychological scales to test their own opinions and attitudes, and
  • Student projects in which psychology graduates describe the final-year projects they completed, what they took away from the experience, and offer and offer their advice​.

It makes strong connections between social psychological concepts and everyday life through:

  • The examples given in Social psychology in the real world features
  • Applying social psychology boxes which ask students to put themselves in the position of e.g. a teacher, a business consultant, a marketing executive and use social psychological principles to overcome challenges.

It challenges students to think critically about what they have read through:

  • Time to reflect sections which ask them to relate key topics back to their own experience
  • Critical focus boxes which scrutinise particular research findings, and
  • Ethics and research methods boxes which highlight ethical dilemmas and sensitivities in social psychology.

It offers a full chapter on the wisdom and skills to be gained from the study of social psychology and how these can be used after university in a variety of different careers and in everyday life.

It is a beautiful, highly illustrated textbook featuring a range of figures, tables, photographs and feature boxes that will make sure students engage with its lively content.