People, Management and Organizations

by Anna Sutton « Work Psychology in Action

Praise for the Book

Anna Sutton has produced an excellent text acknowledging the complementary nature of HRM and OB and providing a unified perspective on important issues within these fields. The result is a flexible teaching resource offering students a strong theoretical grounding in key concepts and real life examples to explore the practicalities of application in the 21st century workplace. - Dennis Macdonald, Leeds University, UK
This is a thoughtful and well-researched book which provides priceless insights on the most pressing issue: how to effectively leverage people to deliver value for an organization. The text includes relevant pedagogical features which helps students to understand and cross the bridge between theory and practice. A useful resource for educators to teach their students how OB and HR complement each other by asking the important questions of what and why, as well as exploring how these questions can be practically implemented. - Neelofer Mashood, Middlesex University Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Compared to many similar publications, Anna Sutton’s book is very informative, focusses on application, and is up-to-date and relevant. The mind maps provide an immediate overview, the guided activities are practical and very useful for students, and the writing style encourages students to engage with the material. Very highly recommended! - Dr Linda Ronnie, University of Cape Town, South Africa
This book is especially valuable to business students as it is not looking at HR in isolation but makes clear links to show how the application of HR practices influence and impact on the way businesses operate and behave. Supporting materials are well designed to encourage students to critically evaluate the application of HR practices. - Linda Coles, University of Northampton, UK