Introducing Sign Language Literature

Folklore and Creativity

by Rachel Sutton-Spence and Michiko Kaneko Also by Rachel Sutton-Spence: Analysing Sign Language Poetry

About This Book

Introducing Sign Language Literature: Folklore and Creativity is the first textbook dedicated to analyzing and appreciating sign language storytelling, poetry and humour. The authors assume no prior knowledge of sign language or literary studies, introducing readers to the fascinating and often misunderstood world of visual language creativity in deaf communities.

Introducing Sign Language Literature: Folklore and Creativity

  • Explains in straightforward terms the unique features of this art form
  • Draws on an online anthology of over 150 sign language stories, poems and jokes
  • Suggests ways of analysing and appreciating the rich artistic heritage of deaf communities

Watch the video below to see author Rachel Sutton-Spence explain (in BSL) a bit about the book and the useful chapter summaries, which you can access using the buttons on the left of this page.