Introducing Sign Language Literature

Folklore and Creativity

by Rachel Sutton-Spence and Michiko Kaneko Also by Rachel Sutton-Spence: Analysing Sign Language Poetry

Rachel Sutton-Spence explains the chapters of the book (in British Sign Language).

These videos feature author Rachel Sutton-Spence giving short summaries and explanations of the chapters within Introducing Sign Language Literature in British Sign Language.

Chapter 1: What is Sign Language Literature?

Chapter 2: Sign Language Literature in Context

Chapter 3: Oral Literature and Performance

Chapter 4: Folklore and Deaflore

Chapter 5: Story Types

Chapter 6: Storytelling Techniques

Chapter 7: Anthropomorphism

Chapter 8: Beginnings and Endings

Chapter 9: Plots, Protagonists, Subjects and Themes

Chapter 10: Metaphor

Chapter 11: Prose and Poetry

Chapter 12: Neologism and Ambiguity

Chapter 13: Repetition

Chapter 14: Handshape

Chapter 15: Signing Space

Chapter 16: Symmetry and Balance

Chapter 17: Nonmanual Features

Chapter 18: Deaf Humour and Sign Language Humour

Chapter 19: Style in Signed Art Forms

Chapter 20: Conclusion