Introducing Sign Language Literature

Folklore and Creativity

by Rachel Sutton-Spence and Michiko Kaneko Also by Rachel Sutton-Spence: Analysing Sign Language Poetry

About Video Resources

Follow the links on the left to find video clips of sign language poetry and folklore being performed. There are collections of performances by five individual poets - Paul Scott, Johanna Mesch, Richard Carter, John Wilson and Donna Williams - as well as a section on collaborative performances, where you can see how interactive some sign language poetry and folklore can be. There are also focus pages based around two specific concepts - 'Home' and 'Time' - where you can watch and compare several different interpretations by different performers of the same stimulus.

Further examples of sign language poetry - individual, collaborative, and contrasting - can be found on the Sign Language Poetry Youtube Channel: All the videos on this channel were created as part of the University of Bristol's Sign Language Poetry Anthology project, which aimed to study metaphor in sign language poetry.