Work Psychology in Action

by Anna Sutton

About this book

​Business Studies and Psychology are among the most popular subjects to study at university, and no matter what job we have, understanding people will play a critical role in our success. This book bridges the gap between business and psychology: making psychological theories accessible to business students and providing psychology students with an understanding of how key business priorities inform and structure applied psychology.

You will find chapters based around common workplace problems you might want to find an answer to, rather than arranged by theoretical topic. We will explore solutions to business problems from a psychological perspective, building your understanding of both theory and practice. Instead of treating business and psychology as separate topics, we take a truly integrative approach, applying insights from psychology to the practical issues facing managers and workers in today’s workplace and demonstrating the real-world importance of research findings.

The recurring theme in this book is that business is about people and that a good understanding of psychology can help us to build more fulfilling and successful lives at work. We focus on getting the best out of people at work, including ourselves, by promoting an integration of the business needs and the individual’s needs. To help with this, a key feature of this book is the emphasis on practical employability and skills development. You will find activities based on the latest research and best practice to help you apply psychology to your own current and future work life.

Filled with the latest research and with a focus on employability, this book is packed with special features to help you learn and apply key psychological knowledge.