Quantitative Methods

for Business, Management and Finance, Fourth Edition

by Louise Swift and Sally Piff

About this book

A highly recommend book that clearly explains the essential quantitative methods used in business and finance. The abundance of examples, exercises and work cards will help students build confidence through practice. -Lieven De Moor, Associate Professor of Finance, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
The new fourth edition of Quantitative Methods, the well-established and much-loved textbook by Louise Swift and Sally Piff, guides students through the range of quantitative techniques they will encounter during their studies and in their later careers in business, management or finance. The popular and successful learning-by-doing approach explains topics in a clear, friendly style, supported at every step with a range of examples, exercises, and activities.

Quantitative Methods:
  • Is suitable for all Maths backgrounds - an optional introductory part assumes only the ability to add, subtract, divide and multiply.
  • Features enough statistics coverage to enable students to analyse their own data for projects or reports
  • Offers practical guidance in the use of SPSS and Microsoft®Excel where appropriate
  • Includes a section on ‘how to approach a statistical analysis and which technique to use’, making the book a valuable reference for future work
  • Helps make links to applications in current industry and business with the new ‘Moving on…to the real world’ feature in the Business Modelling chapters

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