Understanding Business in the Global Economy

A Multi-Level Relationship Approach

by Jonathan S. Swift


Founded within the broad socio-economic tradition, this book provides a theoretically rigorous and multidisciplinary perspective with strong real world relevance. -Geoffrey Wood, Essex Business School, UK.
This book which has a firm focus on the critical importance of the diverse relationships which underpin successful business operations. Whilst it is primarily aimed at students of International Business, Swift provides a volume of well-researched material which will be equally relevant in a much wider range of different business contexts. Both informative and thought-provoking, this book will appeal to a wide range of readers. -Fred Scharf, Ulster University Business School, UK.
This book offers readers an extensive background into international business and adopts a unique multi-level approach to examine the crucial aspects of developing and maintaining international business relationships. The theoretical insights provided by the author are reinforced through a series of reflective review questions and are illustrated through a number of fascinating case studies from across the globe, presenting students with a fantastic opportunity to learn from the experiences of managers and firms who are engaged in dealing with the challenges of international business. -Adrian Monaghan, Salford Business School, UK.
This is an essential text which explains the critical importance of multi-level relationships in the development and maintenance of competitive advantage in the global economy. It examines in detail the relations between countries, between companies and between individuals, and their combined influence on international business operations, illustrated with clear examples and contemporary case studies. The book also provides a balanced account of the topic through its coverage of both SME and MNE operations. -Peter Schofield, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
This book provides the basics of International Business and Communications and offers balanced explorations from different corners of the globe. It is a must-have for those who aim to communicate and thrive across cultures as professionals and is ideal for students on both Business and Social Science courses. -Rosmini Omar, UTM, Malaysia.