Managing Inter-Organizational Relations

Debates and Cases

by Jörg Sydow, Elke Schüßler & Gordon Müller-Seitz
This is brilliantly conceived and well-researched textbook that presents and analyses the large and complex field of inter-organizational relations and networks in an accessible and systematic way. -Christel Lane, University of Cambridge, UK.
This unique book deftly manages to highlight common themes within the rich and heterogeneous field of inter-organizational relationships. -Gianni Lorenzoni, University of Bologna, Italy.
We finally have an excellent textbook in the field of inter-organizational relations and networks. This book is the perfect resource to help students fully understand the management of inter-organizational relations and networks. -Jörg Raab, Tilburg University, the Netherlands.
This academically rigorous and accessible text adopts an interdisciplinary approach in understanding the complexities of the inter-organizational experience. With an innovative learning format, topical debates and a wide variety of cases, this is a valuable resource for both students and managers. -T. K. Das, City University of New York, USA.
This valuable resource offers a pioneering and comprehensive insight into the networks through which organizations typically collaborate today. It provides clear analyses and case-based illustrations of different types of inter-organizational collaboration, including strategic alliances, regional clusters, global value chains, and innovation networks. -John Child, University of Birmingham, UK.
This book provides a comprehensive and insightful exploration of inter-organizational relations, accompanied by a large number of case stories to illustrate how such relations may be managed in practice. This is a timely book that both students and managers will greatly enjoy reading. -Lars Lindkvist, Linköping University, Sweden.
This book is a major contribution to our understanding inter-organizational relations. It explains and illustrates how strategic alliances and networks are defined, formed and managed. It will be of great value and interest to students, researchers, and practitioners who are interested in inter-organizational alliances.
-Amalya Oliver, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
This is a well-organized and comprehensive approach to inter-organizational relations, successfully integrating the theoretical literature with the practical, case-based perspective. Key insights into the complexities of inter-organizational phenomena are provided in each well-written chapter, offering students, practitioners, and researchers a full understanding of the conceptual debates and managerial issues surrounding inter-organizational topics. Overall, a successful text that will not only inform but also stimulate new thinking on the role of inter-organizational relationships in today's competitive, global economy. -Daniel Bello, Georgia State University, USA.