Understanding Human Development

Biological, social and psychological processes from conception to adult life

by Stephanie Thornton


Thornton deftly draws us into the many intellectual puzzles that confront developmental psychologists. She communicates a vivid sense of the discipline's major achievements, but without neglecting the complexities and caveats that a sophisticated understanding of the field requires. -Mark Bennett, Professor of Development Psychology, University of Dundee, UK. Editor of Infant and Child Development.
This refreshing introduction successfully integrates a wide variety of literatures. Thornton has done an excellent job framing this text in terms of broad developmental questions and has created a text that is both engaging and provocative. -Jessica Giles, Assistant Professor of Psychologial Sciences, Vanderbilt University, USA.
A thorough and truly accessible review of developmental psychology as it has unfolded over the past two centuries. This text is a remarkable achievement. -Catherine O'Hanlon, Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, Newcastle University, UK.