Public Sector Economics

by Richard W. Tresch

Example bank

The example bank is home to the applications of the theory in the book.

Key features

  • Over 50% international examples with contributions from experts worldwide. International examples (i.e. those not focusing exclusively on the U.S.) are marked with a .
  • Regular updates by the author including a brand new credit crunch example.
  • Example Bank Reference Grid maps each example directly on to the book by chapter number and page reference, making it easy to use the book and the example bank together.
  • Instructor manual gives an outline of the examples that can be used in support of the material covered in each chapter of the book.
  • Questions help students reflect on the issues raised in a selection of the examples.
  • Logical numbering system links each example with the most relevant chapter of the textbook (i.e. example 2.1 is particularly suitable for use with Chapter 2, example 5.1 with Chapter 5 and so on).

Global contributor list

  • John Considine (University College Cork, Ireland)
  • Loek Groot (Utrecht School of Economics, Netherlands)
  • Sarah Smith (Bristol University, UK)
  • Steinar Strøm (University of Turin, Italy)