Minding The Markets

An Emotional Finance View of Financial Instability

by David Tuckett

About the book

The 2008 financial crisis showed that human emotion has a critical impact on financial markets. Until now, economic theories have failed to take this into account. At the heart of the worst financial crisis in world history was a failure to organise markets in a way that adequately controls the very human emotion and behaviour which trading unleashes.

The newly established discipline of 'emotional finance', pioneered by David Tuckett, draws on principles of psychoanalysis to enable financial markets to be understood in a completely new way.

By recognising the crucial role played by unconscious needs and fears, the influence of groups and the nature of uncertainty in all investment activity, Minding the Markets provides a deeper understanding of the markets and timely ideas about how to incorporate that understanding into policies to make markets safer.

Based on candid and in-depth interviews with over 50 fund managers internationally, this groundbreaking book not only presents a fresh academic theory, but also reveals the truth about what happens in the emotionally-charged real world of financial trading.