Politics One

Fourth edition

by Ian Ward and Randal G. Stewart

Federalism and the States

Further reading suggestions

Here are some reading suggestions which compliment our account of Australia’s federal system.
  • Vromen, K.A, Gelber, K. and Gauja. A. 2009. Powerscape: Contemporary Australian politics 2nd edn. (Crows Nest: Allen & Unwin). Chapter 11 looks at Australia’s federal system and its importance.
  • Summers, J. and Lowe, J. 2009. ‘The Federalism System’ in Woodward, D. Parkin A. and J. Summers (eds) Government, Politics, Power and Policy in Australia. 9th edn. (Frenchs Forest: Pearson.) This is a straightforward and comprehensive account of Australia’s federal system and its recent evolution.
  • Maddox, G. 2005. Australian Democracy in Theory and Practice. 5th edn. (Frenchs Forrest: Pearson Longman). Chapter 3 examines ‘Federalism in Australia’, the benefits that flow from it and its disadvantages from a more theoretical perspective than we adopt in Politics One.
  • Fenna, A. 2004. Australian Public Policy 2nd edn. (Frenchs Forrest: Pearson) Chapter7 examines the overlap between state and Commonwealth governments and its implications for policy making.

Discussion point 
In 2005 the then Prime Minister Howard expressed his reservations about Australia’s federal system: he said ‘If we had our time again, we might have organised ourselves differently.’ 
Is federalism a problem for, or an important design feature of, Australia’s political system?