Politics One

Fourth edition

by Ian Ward and Randal G. Stewart

Using@@@Politics One@@@to research and write an assignment

Peter Liberman@@@at Queens University explains that a political science essay must contain an@@@argument@@@and offers some useful ‘rules of thumb’ on how to write a political science essay. Also see the advice on researching and@@@writing a political science essay@@@provided Charles King (of Georgetown University). Bryan Greetham is the author of@@@How to Write Better Essays@@@(which is published by Palgrave.) You may find@@@his advice@@@useful although it is not written specifically for politics students.

The requirement to develop an argument stems from the fact that political scientists seldom agree or explain political phenomenon in the same way. If you start your research for a topic with an on-line search you may overlook arguments between scholars. The same danger exists if you read just one textbook. As a starting point for an assignment it may be helpful to compare and contrast the ways that different textbooks attempt to describe or explain the particular aspect of Australian politics or government that your essay question asks you to address. This may not be as time consuming as it initially seems.@@@

Unlike novels textbooks such as@@@Politics One@@@are not intended to be read from beginning to end. You can use the contents page to focus on particular chapters or even sections of chapters. However a problem for students and textbook authors alike is that the discussion of Australian politics and government is not easily compartmentalised into discrete chapters. So use the index to check whether there is relevant information elsewhere in the book. Usually assignments require you to offer a well-thought out, well-informed answer. Textbooks can provide an important guide to the@@@kinds of evidence@@@that you should use. A question to ask as you readPolitics One@@@is whether there are more authoritative, specialised studies to which you might turn once you have a good general grasp of your topic.