Global Innovation Management

A Strategic Approach

by J. Christopher Westland


This book comprehensively describes the end-to-end process of innovation, from coming up with an initial idea, to managing activities within the firm, to understanding consumer and financial markets, to the societal factors of innovation. The book is a useful text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of innovation and is well supported by case studies, with discussion questions, sourced from companies based around the globe. I particularly liked the series of practical Innovation Workouts to help the reader to understand and build a toolkit of methods and techniques which can be used to assess the potential of an innovation at various stages across the product and service development process. Although aimed primarily at students, the book also provides useful insights and tools for practitioners. -Dr Fiona Lettice, Senior Lecturer Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia
Christopher Westland has produced a detailed and practical examination of the complex subject of managing innovation in a global context. Through the use of detailed, multi-national case studies and examples and well-structured explanatory text, the author examines all the critical aspects of innovation: from design and branding through the financial aspects of innovation to managing risk and IP issues in collaborative innovation activities. This book will be a valuable resource for both practitioners and researchers looking to better understand the complexities of strategic innovation management in our increasingly globalised business contexts. -Professor Ross Chapman, Professor of Business Systems and Acting Director, Centre for Industry and Innovation Studies, College of Business, University of Western Sydney.
This text is a very welcome addition to books on innovation. It will do well because it shows the complexities involved in innovation but it handles the material in an engaging style. The strong service content will make it attractive to students and practitioners alike. This is a very good text. -Professor Steve Brown Lecturer in the School of Business and Economics, Exeter.
Global Innovation Management is a 'first source' of managerial and entrepreneurial guidance for people who want to know how to get the most out of the life cycle of innovation in their firms – from conceptualization and invention, to valuation and business model development, to market entry and the protection of intellectual property rights. Chris Westland's explanations are lucid and well thought out. He does a fine job to illustrate his perspectives with a blend of economic theory, interesting cases and down-to-earth prescriptions for managers. -Robert J. Kauffman W. P. Carey Chair in Information Systems W. P. Carey School of Business Arizona State University.