Strategic Management

by Colin White

Links to further resources

Websites assist in the conduct of research and in particular in keeping up to date with further developments in case studies and in the appearance of new and interesting ideas. However they have their limitations and are definitely not a substitute for real research. They should be used as a supplement and to save time where this is possible.

Students can with profit consult four types of website:

1. Search engines:

These are rich sources for information on every aspect of strategy, notably the strategic action of particular enterprises. A clear and sensible search strategy is needed. It is necessary to be careful in the choice of phrases or words used in the search in order to limit the number of references and to target the information relevant to the particular issue. If information is required on the websites available in any of the other three groups the address can be discovered through using a search engine.

The best search engine is:, but or are good alternatives.

It is sometimes good to change the source just for variety.

An alternative is to use a more academic data base such as Proquest. Such sources are readily available in universities.

2. Newspapers, journals and magazines:

It is not always possible to access material without subscribing. Some sources are generous in giving access, others are much more restrictive.

Often there are websites associated with new areas relevant to strategy. For example the area of real options which is highly relevant to strategy has a growing number of related websites.

For example there is a website associated with the popular book by Amram and Kulatilaka (Real Options: managing strategic investment in an uncertain world, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, Mass.: 1999):

Sometimes there are websites associated with annual conferences dealing with the topic: or a group which specialises in research in the relevant area:

At other times the website is the result of an individual's interest.

It is valuable to do a search on such concepts as the balanced scorecard approach or blue ocean strategy, to pick just two new ideas.