Mastering Arabic Series

by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar

Online resources

  • Series overview
    Table showing how components of the Mastering Arabic series can be used together to create a comprehensive learning package.
  • Powerpoint presentations
    Illustrated Powerpoint presentations for each of the main units of Mastering Arabic 1 and Mastering Arabic 2. You can download these presentations and use them on your computer to reinforce what you are learning in the Mastering Arabic courses.
  • Video activities
    Short videos featuring native speakers from different parts of the Arabic-speaking world. You can watch the videos on the companion website to enhance your listening skills. The accompanying video worksheets allow you to reinforce your comprehension and expand your vocabulary.
  • Handwriting worksheets
    These ready-to-print PDFs show you how to perfect the more complicated characters in Arabic script. Great for practising in your own time.
  • Audio flashcards
    Online audio flashcards. Mastering Arabic vocabulary review in a fun and friendly format. Suitable for individual learning.
  • Useful websites
    Carefully selected websites to support your learning of Arabic. Many of the sites list additional material and resources.
  • A4 printouts
    Ready-to-print enlarged PDF versions of some of the more complex activities in theMastering Arabic course books. You may find the printouts easier to work with for these activities.
  • Audioscripts
    Ready-to-print PDF audioscripts containing the full transcript
    for reference of listening and speaking activities included in the Mastering Arabic course books.
  • Additional classroom activities
    These activities concentrate on pair work and group work to enhance the four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Although they are mainly designed for teachers in a classroom setting, you will be able to take advantage of them if you have access to a friend or relative who is also learning Arabic.
  • Additional reference
    This appendix of extra material offers wider advice to support you in your studies.
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