Mastering Arabic Series

by Jane Wightwick and Mahmoud Gaafar

Tips for using PPT presentations

The lively PowerPoint presentations provided on this website are designed to accompany the Mastering Arabic course. There is a PowerPoint for each of the main units complementing a teaching point. The review units do not have separate presentations but there are ideas below for adapting the PowerPoints for review.

The use of engaging illustrations from the Mastering Arabic course in these presentations will help students to absorb and retain the information and also to relate it to the explanations and activities in the book itself.


  • The presentations work best with a group and are designed to be projected onto a large screen. However, they can be used on a personal computer for small groups or individuals.
  • You can use the PowerPoints for the initial presentation of new language or as review, or both.
  • If you are using the PowerPoints for both presentation and review, you may want to shuffle the slides or combine different presentations by using the "Custom slide" menu or by dragging the slides into a different order and between PowerPoints.
  • The Arabic text is set to fly in from the right, giving you the opportunity to present the vocabulary orally before showing the script. This default can be changed by amending or deleting the effect in the "Custom animation" menu.
  • The Arabic text is editable. You can take away the vowels, for example for review, or expand the text into sentences if you wish.
  • A few of the PowerPoints duplicate strip cartoons from the book, for example, The Flying Bicycle from Unit 19 of Mastering Arabic 1. These can be presented together with the accompanying audio track from the CD to make the material more accessible and enjoyable.