Mastering Chinese

The complete course for beginners

by Catherine Hua Xiang

Audio resources

Audio for the conversations and exercises in the book.
All the audio for the pronunciation, key expressions and exercises in each unit.

Audio for the lists of ‘New words and phrases’ from each chapter.
Check your pronunciation against the recordings and test yourself on the meanings against the book

Audio for the sound combinations in the Appendix on page 307.
More sound practice to perfect your pronunciation.

Need help with MP3s?

An MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) file is about one tenth the size of the original audio file but the sound is nearly CD-quality. Because of their small size and good fidelity MP3 files have become a popular way to store music files on both computers and portable devices (such as iPod).

Computers require software to play MP3 files. Most computers will have a default program such as Windows Media Player or iTunes that will enable the MP3 to be used.

Below is a list of links to official websites where the most popular free audio software can be downloaded:
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