Mastering Chinese

The complete course for beginners

by Catherine Hua Xiang

Audio for the lists of ‘New words and phrases’ from each chapter

Check your pronunciation against the recordings and test yourself on the meanings against the book.
Unit 1 Saying Hello P.11 Saying Goodbye and Thank You P.15
Unit 2 Greetings P.26 Extra Jobs and Countries P.32 Introducing Yourself P.34
Unit 3 Introducing Your Family P.46 Introducing a Friend P.54
Unit 4 Numbers in Use P.74
Unit 5 Talking about Birthdays and Dates P.95 Talking about Travel Plans P.102
Unit 6 Telling the time P.118 Time Expressions and Daily Routines P.122 Making a Date P.130
Unit 7 Understanding Chinese Currency P.142 Asking for and Giving Prices P.146 Bargaining P.151
Unit 8 Drinks P.161 Ordering Drinks P.164 Eating in a Restaurant P.173
Unit 9 Means of Transport P.194 Travel by Taxi, Bus and Train P.197 Asking and Giving Directions P.207 Position and Location P.209
Unit 10 Checking into a Hotel P.226 Hotel Services P.231 I Can't Find My Bag P.235
Unit 11 I'm not Interested in Beijing Opera P.253 My Leisure Activities P.258
Unit 12 Making and Answering Phone Calls P. 274 Problems on the Telephone P. 2848