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Macmillan Higher Education
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LaunchPad is an interactive online resource that helps students achieve better results. Our goal is to increase their confidence by providing a place where they can read, study, practice, complete homework, and more.


LaunchPad combines an interactive e-book with high-quality multimedia content and ready-made assessment options, including LearningCurve, our adaptive quizzing resource, to engage your students and develop their understanding.

As a lecturer, you can choose from curated pre-built units that are easy to assign or adapt with your own material, such as chapter readings, video, animations, simulations, quizzes, discussion groups and more.

LaunchPad also provides access to a gradebook that gives a clear window on performance for your whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you to continue to provide individual support as needed.

Offering a truly intuitive and streamlined interface for lecturers and students, LaunchPad allows students to focus on progressing through their personalised learning journey in a sociable and engaging way, whilst providing lecturers with access to high quality teaching and learning resources to integrate into their course.

View the full range of textbooks that are supported by LaunchPad.

If you want to discuss LaunchPad in more detail, please contact your local representative or find out more via Request a demo.


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We offer Class Tests for lecturers who would like to trial LaunchPad with their students before they decide to adopt.

Running a Class Test is easy and we like to work around you to ensure that it is set up in a way that suits you, and your students, best. You can run a Class Test for part of a semester, a full semester or even a full year. We gather feedback from you and your students at the beginning, middle and end of the test period via a survey (which you are able to provide input to). This will help you decide if LaunchPad is beneficial for your course.

How it works

Step 1: You choose the LaunchPad for your course and let your local representative know or contact us using the Request a demo link

Step 2: Your local representative works with you to discuss the detail of your Class Test

Step 3: We send you a “Welcome” email, the initial surveys, student registration flyers, and anything else that has been agreed

Step 4: Class Test begins

Step 5: We get in touch at the mid-way point to check progress and discuss initial and midway survey results

Step 6: On completion of the Class Test we review the final survey with you and discuss next steps

If you would like to discuss this further, contact your local representative or contact us via Request a demo .


Macmillan International Higher Education content and tools are built to work with your courses, on your campus. For every school and every course, LMS integration needs vary. We offer solutions to meet each individual teaching and learning goals ranging from options that allow a simple grade import, to basic or deep integration with your campus system. We work with different LMS providers, including; Blackboard and Moodle - and further-more, there is no additional cost for LMS integration- it's included as part of the student package.

LMS ID: If you are simply using your campus LMS to post grades, then the Macmillan International Higher ED LMS ID field allows you to use the LaunchPad interface and manage your class/grades without having to integrate with your campus LMS. You would simply ask students to enter their LMS ID into the open field in LaunchPad so you can easily import your class results from LaunchPad into your local LMS.

Basic Integration: Macmillan offers single sign-on and gradebook sync with all major LMS platforms. Single sign-on allows you and your students to access Macmillan premium media content through your campus LMS course space. Students need to register and authenticate one time, and after that, they are one click away from their Macmillan digital content, including our Portals, Classes, and e-books. Basic integration also provides grade book sync of Macmillan Digital tools with your campus LMS.

Deep Integration: Macmillan International Higher Education offers deep integration of our LaunchPad products with Blackboard, Brightspace, and Canvas. These deep integrations will continue to offer educators single sign-on and gradebook sync now with auto refresh. However, these best-in-class integrations will also offer deep linking to all Macmillan digital content at the chapter and asset level, giving professors ultimate flexibility and customization capability within their LMS.

If you want to discuss this in more detail, please contact your local representative or find out more via Request a demo.