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European Union Politics (3rd Edition)


Red Globe Press

Pages: 516


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Paperback - 9781352009699

09 May 2020


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09 May 2020


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10 May 2020


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Cutting through the jargon of EU politics, the third edition of this engaging and informative textbook examines the history, institutions, processes and politics of the European Union with unprecedented clarity. The EU is a...

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Cutting through the jargon of EU politics, the third edition of this engaging and informative textbook examines the history, institutions, processes and politics of the European Union with unprecedented clarity. The EU is a fascinating political experiment in regional integration and it has changed our understanding of Europe, how Europeans relate to one another, the role Europe plays in global politics and has even shifted our understanding of politics itself. Helping to make sense of it all in the author’s accessible style, this book is underpinned by theory and the latest research throughout. Organised in three main parts, the text covers everything from the history of the EU and its treaties to the institutions that make up the EU and its policies in areas such as the economy, the environment and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.

This is the go-to text for all students taking courses or modules on the EU, as well as functioning as an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out more about how the EU works and what difference it makes.

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Unique in showcasing the flavour and colour of European Politics, moving beyond the technical to feature the controversies. behind policy decisions, to what extent and why do Europeans have an affinity to the European Union project

Engaging and accessible style to both undergraduate and postgraduate students

Packed with a wide range of maps, charts, photos and boxed features, which bring the material to life

Two dedicated chapters on the EU as a Global Actor and the EU in the World, missing from competing textbooks

Fully updated to take account of the latest developments, including the ongoing Brexit negotiations, the 2019 European Parliament elections and more on the fallout from the euro zone and migration crises

Two new separate chapters to cover the European Council and the Council of Ministers respectively

More emphasis on comparative politics throughout to compare institutions and policies

Expanded debates on key issues of contention in the European project

Expanded coverage of the most recent research into public opinion in the EU

New Snapshot features in each chapter focusing on a particular EU country
Preface and Introduction
1: Understanding Integration
2: What is the European Union?
3: Who are the Europeans?
4: First Steps (1944–58)
5: Building the Community (1958–95)
6: From Community to Union (1989–95)
7: Crisis and Opportunity (2004–present)
8: The Treaties
9: The Member States
10: The European Commission
11: The Council Ministers
12: The European Parliament
13: The European Council
14: The European Court of Justice
15: Specialized Agencies
16. Parties and Interest Groups
17. Elections and Referendums
18. Public Opinion
19. Public Policy
20. Economic Policy
21. Inside the Euro Zone
22. Cohesion Policy
23. Agriculture and Fisheries
24. Environmental Policy
25. Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
26. The EU as a Global Actor
27. The EU and the World
This book's companion website contains a number of further resources for students, including:

  • An extensive set of multiple-choice questions for each chapter, perfect for self-testing and revision.
  • A flashcard glossary for all key terms defined in the book.
  • A country snapshot map, providing key stats and information on all EU member states.
  • A list of weblinks to aid further study and research.
You can access the companion website at https://www.macmillanihe.com/companion/Mccormick-Eu-Politics-3e/.
European Union Politics offers an engaging, lucid, and comprehensive introduction to what has become the fast-moving and at times tumultuous field of contemporary European politics. Spanning the history, institutions and policies of the EU, McCormick skilfully brings EU politics to life with up-to-date examples, research, infographics, country snapshots and case studies. This is the single best resource on EU politics for students, lecturers and researchers. – Adam Chalmers, King’s College London, UK
European Union Politics is a real masterpiece. It offers an excellent overview of the various stages in European Integration, and the way in which the EC/EU has sought to overcome old and new challenges in specific policy domains. As such, this book provides an ideal text for undergraduate and postgraduate students eager to familiarize themselves with European Union politics. – Frank Mols, University of Queensland, Australia
This is the perfect introduction for those wishing to understand how the EU really works. It offers a broad picture of the EU’s political system in an approachable way and cuts through the complexities with great supporting features. – Ariadna Ripoll-Servant, University of Bamberg, Germany
Detailed and insightful, the third edition of European Union Politics provides a comprehensive examination of European integration covering theory, governance, and key policy areas as well as offering snapshots of the individual member states. It is an excellent resource and textbook for students and indeed anyone interested in how European integration has evolved and the challenges and debates it encompasses. McCormick succeeds in making accessible an organisation and subject area that all too often are perceived as complex and impenetrable. – Nicholas Wright, University College London, UK
John McCormick has written a superb textbook on the history and institutions of the European Union. The book is comprehensive, up-to-date, clearly written and well organized. It serves both as an accessible introduction for non-experts and as a reference book for scholars. – Gary Marks, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, and European University Institute, Italy.
This engagingly written and up-to-date edition provides an excellent basis for any student wanting to understand the nature and policies of the EU, as well as the current challenges it is facing both at home and globally. John McCormick's book is still one of the most comprehensive textbooks in the area of EU studies. – Magdalena Frennhoff Larsén, University of Westminster, UK
This new version of a modern classic preserves the accessible and comprehensive style of the previous edition while updating the text for recent events and challenges, ranging from the financial crisis to new security issues. It skilfully balances the full scale of EU-related questions, including its history, attendant theories, institutions and policies. Strongly recommended for undergraduates and graduates alike. – Mark Rhinard, Stockholm University, Sweden
John McCormick’s textbook on European Union Politics is a mainstay of the student studying the institutions and policies of the European Union. The book covers the key politics, policy-making and policies in the EU and is extremely comprehensive. The book is written in an engaging style and should be read by all students of politics, international relations, European studies and contemporary history, as well as by policy practitioners and the intelligent general reader. – Neil Winn, University of Leeds, UK
From EU origins to institutional processes, from specialised EU agencies and elections to the full spectrum of public and foreign policies, John McCormick’s third edition is an incisive, engaging, must-have text on EU politics, and will be welcomed by academics and students alike. The text provides important new material on the Euro Zone, interest groups and cohesion policy, with critical updates on the EU’s emerging regional responsibilities and changing global roles. Readers will welcome the balanced range of chapters integrating concepts and theories with policies, impacts and outcomes, alongside helpful tables and maps, making the text itself a vital addition to contemporary EU courses. – Amelia Hadfield, University of Surrey, UK
McCormick’s latest version of this widely-enjoyed book is sure to be appreciated by all scholars of the EU. Filled with snapshots of contemporary life within EU member states, the book is crammed with insights and statistics while still being fully accessible to anyone dipping their toes into this area for the first time.’ – Paul Tobin, University of Manchester, UK
John McCormick’s volume has rightly become a key source for all those studying European integration. With this latest version, scholars and students are ably guided through a tumultuous and critical period in the EU’s development, placed within the wider context of theory, high politics and the harsh reality of making this system work from day to day. It is highly recommended to all who want to make sense of this bold effort to build deep cooperation between states. – Simon Usherwood, University of Surrey, UK
This book provides undergraduate students of politics and public administration analytical tools to fully understand the development of EU governing bodies and their interactions, as well as the resulting policy outcomes on fields such as environmental policy, migration and the role of the EU in the world. The debate sections incorporated in several chapters of the book stimulate critical thinking like no other textbook on EU politics and policy. The text incentivizes students to form opinions about the past, present and future direction of European integration and disintegration. – Rik de Ruiter, University of Leiden, the Netherlands
This textbook is an excellent primer for any student of the European Union. It offers a comprehensive, authoritative and in-depth understanding of the complexities of the European Union that is at the same time jargon-free and unusually accessible. – Christina Schneider, University of California, San Diego, USA
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John McCormick is Professor of Political Science, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA, and is author of a number of Red Globe Press’s bestselling books in politics, including Comparative Government and Politics (with Rod Hague and Martin Harrop), Understanding the European Union and this text, European Union Politics. 

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John McCormick is Professor of Political Science, Indiana University, Indianapolis, USA, and is author of a number of Red Globe Press’s bestselling books in politics, including Comparative Government and Politics (with Rod Hague and Martin Harrop), Understanding the European Union and this text, European Union Politics. 

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