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iOLab System Overview

- Wireless IOLab unit communicates with USB dongle using 2.4GHz ISM band.
- Powered by 2xAA batteries.
- TI-MSP430F5329 microcontroller, TI CC2543 radio.
- Dongle communicates with PC/Mac via simple virtual comport interface (i.e. no special
USB programming required).
- Individual sensors synchronized and read out in various predefined configurations.
- Up to 4.8 kHz sensor sampling.
- One dongle can synchronously read data from two IOLab remotes.
- Wireless range up to 100 feet. RSSI included in data. - Size 30 mm x 75 mm x 130
mm, Weight: Remote 148 g (w/o batteries), Dongle 8g.

Sensor Parameters

- 3D accelerometer (14 bit signed, 2/4/8g ranges, 1.56 800 Hz sample
- 3D magnetometer (16 bit signed, 1000 uT range, 0.63 80 Hz sample
- 3D gyroscope (16 bit signed, measures ωX, ωY, ωZ, 250/500/2000 deg/sec ranges,
95 760 Hz sample rate
- Rolls on 3 wheels along Y axis; optical encoder measures displacement velocity &
acceleration, 1 mm/count, 100 Hz sample rate
- Force probe (Range ± 10 N parallel to Y axis, 12 bit s
- Light intensity sensor (12 bit, up to 4.8 kH
- Atmospheric pressure sensor (0.15 kPa resolution, 1100 Hz sample
- Temperature sensor (die temperature, w/ 400 Hz
- Microphone (12 bit, 20 20kHz, up to 4.8 kHz Hz sample
- Speaker/Buzzer (programmable pitch & duty cycle, 35Hz -8.4 kHz
- EKG daughter board mates with header (3 or 6 differential channels ground ref,
each 12 bits, TI INA333 nstrumentation amplifiers, up to 800 Hz samp
- DC coupled high gain differential amplifier, inputs on header, up to 4.8 kHz sampling.
- 6 analog input pins on header (sampled by 12 bit ADC
- 6 digital I/O pins on
- DAC output on header (8 bit
- Two pushbuttons (software read
- Two tricolor LED's.
- FTDI interface on header (standard config
- Over the air reprogramming of both sensor microcontrollers (i.e. no special hardware
needed to redesign & modify the open source firmware.
- Device designed to be opened; threaded metal bushings for all screws; easy to
disassemble and reassemble.


- Open source firmware & software (i.e. go ahead and redesign it).
- Free download and info at www.iolab.science/

Request further information on iOLab here