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Your FAQ’s on LaunchPad integration with LMS

What is LMS Integration?

LMS (Learning Management System) is an application—such as Blackboard or Canvas or Brightspace—that an institution may use to deliver content and manage grades for all their students. Macmillan can provide that content across a variety of disciplines, so an integration allows the Macmillan content to be delivered directly through your institution’s LMS and will allow the grades to be held in your LMS gradebook as well.

What are my options for working with my campus LMS and Macmillan digital products?

Macmillan Higher Education offers platform integration of our digital products – including LaunchPad, Portals, and Classes – with all LMS providers including Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas, Sakai, Moodle, and eCollege.

Macmillan also offers a feature that enables you to export your grades from your Macmillan LaunchPad course and manually upload them into your campus LMS. We call it the campus LMS ID tool (and this is not considered an integration, but rather a way to get the grades from Macmillan into your LMS gradebook).

What is the difference between platform integration and campus LMS ID grade export?

Platform Integration provides a seamless experience that enables you to customize and manage your course, deeply link to our content at the asset level, and manage all grades and assignments. Integration also provides your students with single sign-on and grade sync with your courses.

Using the campus LMS ID in LaunchPad provides a manual process that enables you to more easily export grades and match them to the students in your LMS gradebook. This tool does not include Single Sign On but it is a powerful tool for grade management.

Why would I choose platform integration?

The benefits of integration are numerous and they center around enhanced user experience between your campus course space and your Macmillan course space.

The most commonly stated benefits include:

  • easier access for students to our content (single sign on)
  • easier course organization & management for instructors with the content you use across courses
  • pairing additional course tools from an LMS (discussion boards, chat, gradebook functionality) with our content
  • uniform experience for students and instructors across courses
  • increased student use of course content (according to feedback from our customers)

Why would I choose to use the campus LMS ID feature?

The campus LMS ID feature in LaunchPad allows you a simple and easy method to export your grades from Macmillan. It is a button that you can activate or deactivate independent of any campus IT policies. This option doesn’t require the involvement of your campus IT; however, it only offers an option for grade export and does not include single sign on.

How do I access the campus LMS ID feature?

Please visit our website for additional information and to gain access to the ID field.

Which LMS partners does Macmillan work with?

As you can see from the menu items on the right, we work with Blackboard Learn, Brightspace, Canvas, Sakai, Moodle, and eCollege. Click on the links to find out more details about the integration with each different LMS.

How do I get started with platform integration?

After consulting with your Macmillan sales representative on availability of integration and the LMS in use at your school, we can get started as soon as your Macmillan course is up and running. You will also need to check with your campus IT department to make sure there are not any policies in place that would prevent you from using our integration services, as well as confirm that your IT department is willing to work with you—and Macmillan—on getting your integration up and running.

How much does this cost?

Using LMS platform integration or the campus LMS ID feature require only that the student purchase the related Macmillan digital product (such as LaunchPad). There is no additional cost for either service. Please consult our web site or contact your local sales representative for current pricing of your Macmillan course space.

If you want to discuss this in more detail, please contact your local representative