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Acids, Bases and pH Buffers
Understand concept of pH and the role of buffers in pH fluctuations solutions.

Understand importance of Gram stain and its role in detecting differences in antibiotic sensitivity.

Biological Molecules
Learn about identification tests then apply them to foods.

Biology Demo
Introduce students to the LNL platform.

Cell Structure and Function
Learn microscope techniques while exploring basic cellular structures.

Cellular Respiration
Examine cellular respiration and effects of different energy sources.

Diffusion and Osmosis
Illustrate concept of diffusion with dialysis tubing.

Students use electrophoresis to measure the sizes of various DNA samples. They solve a paternity case based on which of the likely fathers has samples similar in size to those of the child.

Examine samples of kingdom Animalia through examination of an earthworm.

Introduce students to population estimates and to population fluctuations related to changes in the environment.

Explore enzymatic activity and application of spectrophotometer.

Introduce students to evolution through the cases of adaptive radiation and convergent evolution in Anole lizards.

Expanded Diffusion and Osmosis
Introduce students to the concept of diffusion, the cell's regulation of material transportation across its plasma membrane.

Examine examples of kingdom Fungi, with emphasis on variations in structures and reproduction.

Genetics of Corn
Learn about Mendelian genetics.

Introduction to LNL Biology
Introduce students to the LNL platform.

Mammalian Tissue
Learn classification system for mammalian tissues and the structure and function of each tissue type.

Understand concept of mitosis in plants and animals.

PCR of 16s rRNA Gene
Practice modern molecular genetic techniques used for bacterial identification.

Learn about photosynthesis and effects of light and temperature.

Plant Reproduction
Observe seed plant reproduction.

Plant Structure and Function
Examine examples of kingdom Plantae, with emphasis on characterising plants by the presence and arrangement of vascular tissue.

Learn about Eukaryotic supergroups through examination of representative members.

Quantitative Analysis of Enzyme Activity
Explore enzymatic activity and application of spectrophotometer.

Scientific Method
Explore the virtual laboratory while learning the Scientific Method.