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2D Kinematics
Understand vectors. Break down two-dimensional vectors into x- and y-components.

Understand and observe density, buoyancy, apparent weight, and displacement in simple systems.

Centripetal Force
Observe relationship between force and speed, mass and speed, radius and speed of an object moving in a circle at constant speed.

Conservation of Energy
Observe principle of conservation of energy during transformations between gravitational potential, elastic potential, and kinetic energies.

Conservation of Momentum
Understand principles of conservation of momentum as applied to simple collisions.

Error Analysis
Understand various types of experimental error including systematic and random errors.

Free Falling Bodies
Measure acceleration due to gravity.

Harmonic Waves
Observe and measure standing harmonic waves in a string using a motorised oscillator.

Hooke's Law
Determine an unknown spring constant of a system by applying knowledge of Hooke's Law.

Newton's Second Law
Understand relationship between force, mass, and acceleration.

Understand and observe relationship between force and torque in levers, wheel, and axle systems.