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Paul Tillich 50th Anniversary Special

Paul Tillich (20 August 1886 - 22 October 1965) is best known today as a theologian of mediation and correlation – mediating between believers and non-believers and correlating religious answers to philosophical questions.

Fifty years after Tillich’s death in 1965, the current landscape in philosophical theology is dominated by post-modernism and the notion of radicality. Tillich’s thought is acutely relevant to these new debates.

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Retrieving the Radical Tillich
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Edited by Russell Re Manning
June 2015 / Hardback / 9781137380838
288 pages

£60.00 £42.00 / $95.00 $66.50

Retrieving the Radical Tillich

His Legacy and Contemporary Importance

In this collection, Russell Re Manning breaks with the widespread opinion of Tillich as 'safe' and dated, and depicts the thinker as a radical theologian, strongly marked but never fully determined by the urgent critical demands of his time. From the crisis of a German cultural and religious life after the First World War, to the new realities of religious pluralism, Tillich's theological responses were always profoundly ambivalent, impure and disruptive. The Tillich that is outlined and analyzed by this collection is never merely correlative. Far from the dominant image of the theologian as a liberal accommodationist, Re Manning reintroduces the troubled and troubling figure of the radical Tillich

Russell Re Manning is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics at Bath Spa University, UK. Recent publications include The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology, Science and Religion in the Twenty-First Century, and The Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich. He is Series Editor of The Complete Works of Paul Tillich in English.

Praise for Retrieving the Radical Tillich

When Paul Tillich said that the subject matter of theology is not the existence of God as a supreme being but the depths of being lodged in the culture at large—that the existence of religion as a separate sphere is a sign of our alienation—theology suffered a seismic shift. Nothing has been the same since. This volume makes a long overdue and an important statement that the time has come for all of us who work in the tradition of radical theology to acknowledge, or rather to acclaim, Tillich as our common theological ancestor.' - John D. Caputo, Villanova University, USA - John D. Caputo, Villanova University, USA

Paul Tillich
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George Pattison
December 2014 / Hardback / 9781137454461
120 pages

£45.00 £31.50 / $67.50 $47.25

Paul Tillich's Philosophical Theology

A Fifty Year Reappraisal

Paul Tillich's Philosophical Theology takes up the challenge as to whether Tillich's thought remains relevant fifty years after his death. On the one hand, Tillich's systematic approach might mark him out as representing the kind of metaphysical thought critiqued by postmodernism, suggesting that he has relatively little to say to us today. However, drawing on his early research on Schelling, his religious socialism, his writings on art, and his preaching, as well as on his more systematic writings, the book argues that his thought is in many respects exemplary of open theological engagement with the contemporary intellectual situation.

George Pattison has held posts in the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and Aarhus (Denmark) and is currently 1640 Professor of Divinity at the University of Glasgow and a Visiting Professor at the University of Copenhagen. He has published extensively on Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and philosophy of religion in the continental tradition. His books include Anxious Angels: A Retrospective View of Religious Existentialism (1999), God and Being(2011), Heidegger and Death (2013) and he is co-editor of The Oxford Handbook of Theology and Modern European Thought.