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Statistical Analyses for Language Testers

Lecturer Resources

This page contains datasets and errata to be used with Statistical Analyses for Language Testers by Rita Green.

If you would prefer, you can click here to download a complete set of data files.


Chapter Title Data Files
2 Checking and Correcting Data Files Reading test data with errors
Reading Test 1
Questionnaire Reading Test 1
Reading Test 1 Part 2
3 Item Analysis Snowboarding
4 Descriptive Statistics Snowboarding
5 Analysing Test Taker Feedback Lis_Qaire_1
6 Comparing Performance I: Means, Scatterplots and Correlations Rdg_Lis_Test_84
20 Scripts
7 Comparing Performance II: Parametric and Non-Parametric Analyses Final_Test
8 Comparing Performance III: ANOVA Final_Examinations
9 Factor Analysis Reading Test 2
10 Creating a Control File and Convergence Table Reading Test 2
Reading Test 2 Control File
11 Analysing the Convergence Table and Creating a Variable Map Reading Test 2
12 Item and Person Statistics Reading Test 2
13 Distracter Analysis Reading Test 4
Reading Test 4 Control File
14 Creating and Running a Specifications File Rater judgements
Rater judgements specifications
15 Analysing the Iteration Report and Vertical Ruler Rater judgements
16 Rater and Item Measurement Reports Rater judgements
Appendix 3 Chapter 3: Item Analysis Reading Test 1
Appendix 4 Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistics Reading Test 1
Appendix 5 Chapter 6: Comparing Performance I: Means, Scatterplots and Correlations Rdg_Lis_Test_88
17 Scripts
Appendix 6 Chapter 7: Comparing Performance II: Parametric and Non-Parametric Analyses Rdg_Lis_Test_88
17 Scripts
Appendix 7 Chapter 8: Comparing Performance III: ANOVA Rdg_Lis_Test_84
Appendix 8 Chapter 9: Factor Analysis Reading Test 3
Appendix 9 Chapter 10 & 11: Introduction to Winsteps Rdg_Lis_84_IRT
Appendix 10 Chapter 12: Item and Person Statistics Rdg_Lis_84_IRT
Appendix 11 Chapter 13: Distracter Analysis Snowboarding
Snowboarding Control File
Appendix 12 Chapter 14 & 15: Introduction to Facets Rating practice
Rating practice specifications file
Appendix 13 ​Chapter 16: Rater and Item Measurement Reports Rating practice


​Click here to download an up to date errata sheet.