Quiz 3: Right word quiz

For each of the following 20 items, decide whether word usage is correct or incorrect. If you decide the word usage is incorrect, explain why. Then check your answers.

1. During the party, the children were literally wild animals, jumping on the furniture, calling each other rude names and aiming toys at the bin.

2. In conclusion, I now accept all of the arguments put forward except for those concerning late submission of assignments.

3. All the employers emphasised the importance of confidentiality, saying that they valued people who were discrete.

4. Seeing their concern, the zookeeper assured the public that the high fences insured the animals couldn’t attack them.

5. A bear is protective of its cubs.

6. There were less people in the auditorium at the end of the concert as many had left early to take the train back to London.

7. I had been feeling happy that day, but then the train was an hour late, which aggravated me enormously.

8. I was loath to eat the meal as it was cooked with mint, which I loathe.

9. We refuted their argument but they refused to listen to the excellent reasons we put forward.

10. The committee was keen to hear the opinion of the expert as he was a disinterested party.

11. As they were hungry, the supervisor confirmed that it was all right to eat during the experiment.

12. Several of the soldiers were severely affected by the effects of the storm.

13. The olives complemented the cheese well, for which the caterers received many compliments.

14. Sadly, the forest was decimated when the earthquake destroyed nearly half of the vegetation.

15. As their drawing skills needed developing, the tutor proscribed a daily routine of sketching in order to give them more practice.

16. At the start of the school year, the teacher asked the children to talk about their last holiday.

17. Once the business began to expand, it was more stressed at work and staff absentee rates started to rise.

18. The principal of the college asked the pupils to accept the basic principle of respect for silent study spaces.

19. At the castle, the anxious king laid on his couch, awaiting the angry courtiers.

20. ‘Your not yourself, today’, her mother said sympathetically.

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