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Government beyond the Centre

Series editors: Gerry Stoker, David Wilson

The worldof sub-central governance and administration – including local authorities,quasi-governmental bodies and the agencies of public–private partnerships – hasseen massive changes in the United Kingdom and other western democracies. Theoriginal aim of the Government Beyond the Centre series was to bring thestudy of this often-neglected world into the mainstream of social scienceresearch, applying the spotlight of critical analysis to what had traditionallybeen the preserve of institutional public administration approaches.

Thereplacement of traditional models of government by new models of governance hasaffected central government, too, with the contracting out of many traditionalfunctions, the increasing importance of relationships with devolved andsupranational authorities, and the emergence of new holistic models based onpartnership and collaboration.

 Thisseries focuses on the agenda of change in governance both at sub-central leveland in the new patterns of relationships surrounding the core executive. Itsobjective is to provide up-to-date and informative accounts of the new forms ofmanagement and administration and the structures of power and influence thatare emerging, and of the economic, political and ideological forces thatunderlie them.

 The serieswill be of interest to students and practitioners in central and localgovernment, public management and social policy, and all those interested inthe reshaping of the governmental institutions which have a daily and majorimpact on our lives.